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Family with dogThe Life Settlement industry is one of the fastest growing investment opportunities in the last decade although it is somewhat unknown and new to Canadians.  Normally these policies are purchased by large corporations and held until maturity. 

Aspire Life Settlements gives investors the opportunity to access this industry by offering smaller, fractionalized portions of large policies at a dramatically reduced rate. 

For example, we may purchase a million dollar policy and split it into 20 equal portions. 

The investor would then purchase one of these portions at a cost of approximately $8 000 to $15 000 *.  The investor is then responsible for their shared portion of the monthly premiums which normally range from $150 to $350 **Upon the maturity of the life settlement policy, the investor would then receive a lump sum payment of $50 000 (may be subjected to US taxation). 

Our goal is give investors access to opportunities that are not influenced by traditional stock market or economic volatility while providing higher than average returns. 

“Life Settlements are a win-win for consumers and investors” was described by Naranyan Naik (Professor of Finance at the London Business School) during a recent study performed through the London Business School. “The study found that the average expected return for qualified, institutional investors purchasing the large sample of life settlements was 12.5% per annum, which was 8.4% in excess of treasury yields. During recent years, the study found that the average expected return had risen substantially to 18.3% per annum in 2011, some 15.9% in excess of treasury yields.

To find out more information about Aspire Life Settlements and how to access the possibility of substantial financial gain, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 604 427 0505.

 * Actual amount of initial investment depends on the purchasing costs of the entire life settlement policy.  These costs vary depending upon the value of the policy which is determined by individual specifics such as estimated life span and overall health of the original owner.

** Actual value of individual monthly premium depends on total monthly premium due by the issuing insurance company.

 Life Settlements

" Life Settlements have been available in the US as a fantastic investment product for decades and are now finally available in British Columbia. It is a socially responsible product that help people and your portfolio at the same time.

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