Would You Consider Investing?


When it comes to your hard earned money, people are always skeptical with what kind of investments they choose.

Here’s a question for you…

Would you like to know the outcome of what your investment will be when it reaches maturity?

This new refreshing alternative to traditional investments has now caught the eyes of Canadians living in British Columbia thanks to Aspire Life Settlements Ltd. Life Settlements, has above average returns coupled with the potential of windfall profits. Some of you may think to yourself.. “It’s to good to be true” or “I’m satisfied with my 6-7% return on my current investment

What if you had the opportunity to receive 11-18% per annum on your current investment? Would you consider investing? I know I would.

Although the Life Settlement industry seems like it is a “brand new” type of investment, it has been available for decades in the United States. Standing strong under it’s own investment category, through the depression as well as environmental disasters, Life Settlements is not affiliated with stocks, bonds, gold or mutual funds. Life Settlements is a ” win/win” outcome for both parties involved.

How did the Life Settlements market begin?

The Life Settlements market is the outcome of numerous historic events, including the judicial decisions in 1911, but the most influential event to give rise to the Life Settlements market was the HIV/AIDS outbreak in the late 1980′s. This disease forced man to look for ways to turn a life insurance policy into a financial resource to benefit themselves during their lifetime. The devastating epidemic of HIV/AIDS brought a new level of awareness to life expectancy, which was not only determined by the persons age anymore. The concern was now the financial need of the young and middle aged people who were now suffering with the deadly virus to pay for much needed medical care. Investors proved willing to purchase life insurance policies for more then the policies cash value, but less then its death benefit. Increasingly, the policy owners came to view the sale of life insurance policies as a possible source of financial assistance to those who were terminally or chronically ill. As the HIV/AIDS research significantly lowered the mortality of this virus, older adults began to consider the benefits associated with selling their policy for medical costs. Prior to the outbreak of the HIV/AIDS, the general public didn’t know that their insurance policy had such options to benefit them financially. One could let the policy lapse, or surrender the policy for its cash value, hardly anyone considered the possible option of selling their life insurance policy. However, with the popularity of the viatical industry the general public became aware that there as a market in which one could sell a life insurance policy.

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 Life Settlements

" Life Settlements have been available in the US as a fantastic investment product for decades and are now finally available in British Columbia. It is a socially responsible product that help people and your portfolio at the same time.

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